The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 129: Farhan Mohamed and Jeff Elgie on Why Canadian Independent News Publishers Want the Government to Fix the Online News Act

local news for local people by Lis Ferla (CC BY-NC 2.0)

local information for area folks by Lis Ferla (CC BY-NC 2.)

In the two months because the Online Information Act was released it has been given limited protection and sparked minor debate. Last 7 days, Invoice C-18 commenced to entice awareness as more than 125 little and medium sized Canadian publishers commenced to audio the alarm, contacting on the federal government to repair the bill by addressing fears about fairness and transparency. Farhan Mohamed of Overstory Media and Jeff Elgie of Village Media are two of Canada’s most profitable and revolutionary regional digital publishers, operating in dozens of communities throughout Canada. Both equally signed on to the initiative and be part of the Legislation Bytes podcast to talk about their organization models, interactions with the World wide web platforms, and considerations with the Online News Act.

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Canadian Unbiased News Publishers on Bill C-18


CBC Information, The Bill Would Have to have Fb, Google to Pay back Information Stores, April 5, 2022

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